Patate Douce & Oignon


Within our pandemic world I was drawn to work on an organic project with roots in our daily life. The aim of these artworks is to softly contribute to an intimate encounter with the image.

VEGETALES is a limited edition of 250 Artworks, signed and numbered by the artist. Printed in a professional laboratory on a High-Quality Fine Art Paper. 


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(Frame not included)

THE FEATURED PRINT BORDERS are enhancing the character of the artwork very own painterly and etching aspect. The work is signed and numbered by the artist and the 11,81” x 15,75” standard format has been chosen for easy fit and frame.

A SIGNED CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY accompanies the print to guarantee the integrity and its identity. The Title/Date/Certificate n°/Edition n° and the copyrights are to find on the backside of the Artwork.

THE INNOVA FINE ART PAPER is a 315g 100% cotton paper, of natural white superior quality with a fine matte structure similar to papers traditionally used for aquarelles or etching, it is acid free with a neutral pH level. It is used for fine art reproductions and high-end photographic printing to achieve the best Fine Art Textured Photographic results.

SOME INFORMATION AND ADVICE: To ensure the optimal durability of your new acquisition, we advise you to wear gloves to avoid direct contact with the paper. If you do not have the gloves, eliminate the acids with soap because the paper has a neutral pH and quickly absorbs the acids during contact. To avoid contact you can also use the soft paper with which the work is wrapped. The same paper can serve to isolate the Artwork from the backside of your frame, the back can hold acids. If you hang the Artwork in a healthy environment, naturally dry and free of smoke, you can make the choice to put the glass in the back of the frame and thus fully enjoy the quality of the Artwork.
We have an experience with some Artworks without glass for more than 15 years and the quality remains intact without any traces of time. Take into consideration that traces can be left on the white paper by insects. If your purchase is sent to you in a tube the 315g paper will remain curled at the arrival. Avoid direct contact with the paper when you take it out of the roll, and do not force the paper when you want to lay it flat to observe it. The 100% cotton quality paper flattens easily when you handle it gently. You can choose to flatten it by passing the backside of the Artwork over water steam for a few seconds and protect the front side with the soft paper before putting it under pressure with a large book overnight. We hope that you will continue to enjoy over time!

Patate Douce & Oignon
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Paper Type
Innova Fine Art Paper 315g
11,81” x 15,75”
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250 ex.