Niels Stoltenborg is of Danish origin and has lived in Paris since 1986.

He studied graphic arts and photography in Denmark, and drawing at the Académie des Beaux Arts in Paris.

His entire professional career has been linked to photography in Paris, with a brief interlude in 1999 and 2000, when he set up he’s photo studio in Istanbul. Niels Stoltenborg now devotes his time to his artistic projects.

2018-on Personal projects
1990-on Freelance Photographer, Paris
1990-on Freelance Photographer Assistant, Paris
1990-on Freelance Photo Production, Paris

2022 Végétalisme, Artazart, Paris
2022 Végétalisme, Remisen, Denmark
2022 Végétalisme, Gallerie Lyrum, Denmark
2021 Végétalisme, Monday-Art, Denmark
2005 Streetart, Galerie Univer, Paris
2000 Between, Sanat Galerie, Istanbul
1999 Between, Boursan Galerie, Istanbul

2016 Assouline, The Big Book of Flowers.
2014 Thames & Hudson, Floral Contemporary
1999-20 Hapers Bazar, Elle magazine Turkey